January 16th, 2017: Layer8Insight App for Splunk v1.2 Released

The Layer8Insight App for Splunk has been updated to version 1.2 and is posted on Splunkbase. This release is focused on improving deployment monitoring within the app.

NOTE: version 1.1 of this app changed the internals of the JavaScript components of the app. Because of these changes, components in the XML were greatly changed since previous releases. There is a good chance that customizations to the XML from previous versions will not work the same after updating to this release. Please double-check any customizations, and contact your OctoInsight representative if you need help or clarifications.

The Layer8Insight Indexer App for Splunk is still at version 1.1.3 and unchanged.


Layer8Insight App for Splunk, version 1.2

Dashboard Changes/Updates:

  • Added host name filter to UX Summary dashboard
  • Added accelerated report for tracking license / index data usage
  • Added Indexing Summary dashboard
  • Split Licensing / Deployment dashboard into two: Licensing Dashboard and Agent Version dashboard
  • Added count of expired endpoint agent licenses to Home dashboard and Licensing dashboard
  • Updated charts on Home dashboard to report the past 24 hours and moved them to the top of the dashboard
  • Moved deployment dashboards into their own navigation menu


  • Removed template indexes.conf per Splunk App Certification requirements

Known Issues

  • Single Value panels will not have color indicators in Splunk Enterprise 6.2.X
  • In Splunk 6.5, dashboard inputs inside of panels automatically load changes before clicking Submit. This is a bug in Splunk, not our app, and the Splunk Product Management team has acknowledged it.
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