Suspending/Activating the Layer8Insight Agent per User or Host

The Layer8Insight documentation page covers in greater technical detail the options regarding this topic. We will summarize the material here.

The Layer8Insight user-space agent's default run-time state is determined by the setting for AgentDefaultState (as of v1.6.0.6) in the agent configuration file. In previous versions, the default state was always Activated. 

Given a default run-time setting, an administrator can change the default run-time state using the Windows Registry or Active Directory (AD) group membership.

There are three specific options for changing the agent's run-time state from its default: a host-level registry setting, a user-specific registry setting, and user membership in a specific AD group.

In all cases, the Layer8Insight service will override the default state if any of the three settings are set for an active user, i.e., the settings are applied against a Boolean OR.

Note, the Layer8Insight Windows service detects registry settings at run-time, so changes to the registry settings will have immediate impacts on all applicable sessions. The AD group membership changes can only be detected when a user logs in, so removing or adding a user to the suspension AD group(s) will not have an immediate effect (starting or stopping the agent) for a logged on user.


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