March 20th, 2017: Layer8Insight 1.6 Release Notes


Layer8Insight v1.6 is a major product release of our redesigned User Experience Measurement technology for Windows desktop and VDI environments.

The RELEASE.txt and README.txt files in the installation package are the best places to review the complete set of changes. The list of primary changes are included at the bottom of this post.

If you are upgrading from older versions of the legacy product (Layer8), one must completely remove the older product from the target systems. Any license files you received for Layer8 are still valid with Layer8Insight. The configuration files have gone through some consolidation, so please consult the documentation on our website to see the list of supported options. 

If you are a current Splunk user, you should grab the latest version of our Layer8Insight Splunk apps. They too were updated to coincide with the agent release. Details can be found here.

Layer8Insight Agent Release Notes:

  • Version:
  • Rebranded core agent to new product name, Layer8Insight
  • Consolidates events into a single output stream, i.e., Alert output is merged with the real-time metric output
  • Supports the Splunk HTTP Event Collector receiver
  • Supports HTTP(S) and UDP output protocols
  • Improved URL capture for IE, Chrome and Firefox browsers when using non-English language settings
  • Extensive internationalization support for all output fields
  • Updated installation files to support configuring Firefox to auto-enable the Layer8Insight Extension
  • Updated installation files to support enabling agent suspension for all users on the target host
  • Removed support for threshold-based alerts
  • Removed Splunk Deployment Server apps from installation package
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