Updating the Layer8Insight Agent License File

The installed Layer8Insight components look for the Layer8Insight license file (license.ini) in the x86 installation folder,

  • For 32-bit systems: C:\Program Files\OctoInsight\Layer8Insight\license.ini
  • For 64-bit systems: C:\Program Files (x86)\OctoInsight\Layer8Insight\license.ini

This file can be updated by a user with Administrative privileges (by default). One can update this file while the Layer8Insight agents are running; however, one must restart the Layer8Insight components for the changes to take affect.

The summarized process for updating the Layer8Insight license after Layer8Insight is installed and running is as follows:

  • As Administrator, copy the new license file over the existing one
  • Restart the Layer8Insight Data Forwarder service

The detailed version of the process is as follows:

  • As Administrator, copy the new license.ini file over the current file found at "C:\<32-bit_PROGRAM_FILES>\OctoInsight\Layer8Insight\license.ini"
  • Open command prompt with Administrator rights (hit the Windows Key, type cmd, use shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Enter, type your password, hit Enter)
  • In Command Prompt, stop the dcacSvc with the command: net stop dcacSvc
  • In Command Prompt, start the dcacSvc with the command: net start dcacSvc
  • Close Command Prompt
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