May 25th, 2016: Official Release of Layer8Insight Apps for Splunk

OctoInsight Inc. has released new apps to Splunkbase for handling and analyzing data from Layer8 agents.
There are two new apps: the Layer8Insight Indexer App for Splunk and the Layer8Insight App for Splunk. Both apps are required to properly consume and view Layer8 data in Splunk.
These two apps replace both the Logfiller App for Splunk and Layer8 App for Splunk. All components from the old apps are deprecated and will not work with the new apps.
You MUST completely uninstall any other apps that handle Layer8 data before installing the new apps.
If you have existing Layer8 data in the 'logfiller' index, you MUST follow the steps outlined in this article to have the new apps access the old data.
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