Updating the Layer8Insight Agents

NOTE: one must completely remove the legacy Layer8 components from a system if you are updating to the new Layer8Insight product. 

Prior to performing an update, one must do one of the following if planning to keep the current configuration and license files.

  • Copy the desired configuration and license files into the installation directory and then invoke the installation scripts, or
  • Confirm your desired configuration and license files are in the "OctoInsight\Layer8Insight" folder under the 32-bit Program Files directory, then delete the pre-packaged "ini" files from the installation package, and then invoke the installation scripts.

It is recommended to keep copies of the desired configuration and license files in a safe place in case anything unexpected happens. 

If you are updating Layer8Insight using the included installer scripts, updating an in-place installation is dictated by Windows and the version number of the MSI. Windows will not replace an MSI with another if only the build number (the fourth number in the version string) is larger in the new version. So, one must completely uninstall an older version if only the build numbers differ. Otherwise, Windows should replace the older installation by running the installation scripts with the new MSI(s).


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