Nov 15th, 2016: Layer8 v4 Release Notes

Layer8 v4.0.1 is a major update release.

The Layer8 agent and its components have undergone major updates in features, capabilities, packaging, and branding.

The RELEASE.txt and README.txt files in the installation package are the best places to review the complete set of changes. The list of primary changes are included at the bottom of this post.

When installing this version or any other future version, one must first completely remove any traces of the old (pre-4.x) Layer8 components from the target system.  The old versions are not compatible with this new release.

Layer8 Agent v4.0.1 Summary
  • Significant redesign of event processing logic making the Layer8 agent much more efficient and resilient to erratic system behavior or loading
  • Layer8 components moderate their execution when system is under heavy load
  • Layer8 service captures logon metrics without relying on the Windows Event Log
  • Layer8 service is responsible for starting and stopping the user-space Layer8 agent (removes need for 'uxrnnr.exe' watchdog process)
  • Layer8 service supports suspending the Layer8 user process via two mechanisms: 1) a registry setting, or 2) Active Directory group membership
  • Layer8 includes its own diagnostic/debug log viewing utility that can be enabled in the Layer8 configuration file
  • Redesigned Layer8 Extensions for Firefox based on more modern extension frameworks in Firefox:
    • Firefox SDK-based extension for Firefox version 38 or higher
    • Firefox WebExtension-based extension for Firefox version 45 or higher
  • Layer8 Extensions for Chrome and IE are now installed as "managed" (silently installed) extensions 
  • Added host-identifying fields to license expiration events
  • Added Active Directory group filter that allows limiting which groups are reported per event
  • Many new configuration options
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